This is our tactic

Turning the invisible, visible

At the core of our development processes stands our sprint 0. This sprint 0 describes the very first steps of a project, with the goal of creating a custom plan for each project. We perform necessary research, evaluate the tech, and answer important questions regarding your business model and end users. We finalise our sprint 0’s with a complete and transparent document that contains all components that will play a role in the development of your product.  

the strength of the wolf lies in the pack

Every project has a core pack that will continually be involved, with a Project manager as the main point of contact for the client. The Lead developer has a broad knowledge of the whole development spectrum as well as detailed knowledge on a specific topic. Each pack also has a UX Designer and two developers for front-end and back-end. Based on the project requirements, members with extra skills are added to specific sprints. The client also belongs to the pack as the Product Owner, who oversees on the requirements and priorities. 


to build great you need a great foundation

Depending on the requirements and context, a different coding language and framework will be suitable. Just like building a house, wood, concrete or metal can be chosen to structure the house. We are both familiar with common and less common languages, but always choose a well supported one so quality is guaranteed in the long term.

success is a process

Agile development means flexible development. Every two week sprint starts with deciding what pieces of work (tickets) are developed depending on the set priorities. The sprint ends with publishing the work, which gives a clear insight in the progress of the project. This way we can continually adjust to reach the goals. Each sprint is also evaluated in a retrospective, so the approach is continually tuned to the current situation.

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