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About saltro

TWIHC (Together We Innovate Healthcare) is a subsidiary of Saltro, a lab testing company from Utrecht. Saltro recently became part of Unilabs, an organisation that’s active world-wide. TWIHC works independently of Saltro as a disruptor in Healthcare with the focus of empowering patients. By allowing people self-management and improving the client experience they aim to improve and optimise the results of healthcare. All the while supporting healthcare professionals and lowering their burden. 

“Saltro supports health consumers and professionals in making well considered choices in their health, sickness and healthcare”


A Craft CMS-based e-commerce solution that sells self-tests so you can anonymously get yourself tested for various STD’s or COVID-19.  Products are recommended by a triage-plugin (developed by Wolfpack) for online self-assessment of patients.

TWIHC (Together We Innovate Health Care), a healthcare disruptor which is part of Saltro (Unilabs) came to Wolfpack with the request to realise their improved webshop for STD tests. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate this with Saltro’s existing backend systems (AFAS, Mollie, Delivery) to process the orders in their lab. All the while keeping the highest levels of security for handling people’s personal (medical) details.

 “‘The challenge was to seamlessly integrate this with Saltro’s existing backend systems (AFAS, Mollie, Delivery) to process the orders in their lab.”

Assessment & development

Wolfpack created a Craft CMS based platform for them, that allows the client to add new products and content themselves without requiring the help of developers. Since the initial launch (with only STD products) the website has expanded into multiple new types of products, among which COVID-19 tests. The added triage-plugin built by Wolfpack makes it possible to easily create self-assessment questionnaires that help clients decide which product they need.

We keep expanding the website with new functionality, such as the possibility to sell gift-vouchers and adding new types of products or adding new analytics options. 


At Wolfpack we are accustomed to empowering innovation in Healthcare. The solution we created not only allows our client to have more freedom over their product but also brings this freedom to their clients. We wanted to create a system for TWIHC that gives them the opportunity to constantly improve their website without requiring our help at every step. By using widely used tools like Craft CMS (PHP Yii2) as a backend and industry standards like Bootstrap and Vue.js in the frontend as a basis and building the required bespoke solutions on top of that we’ve given TWIHC exactly what they needed without creating new dependencies.